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Ultragrain Pastas: A New Generation of Whole Grain Pasta

Consumer acceptance of whole grain foods, particularly breads, snacks and cereals, has reached an all-time high, but whole grain pastas have yet to achieve mainstream appeal - until now. ConAgra Mills and J.M. Swank are changing consumer perceptions of whole grain pastas with a new line of Ultragrain Pasta based on Ultragrain, the revolutionary whole wheat flour that combines the nutrition of whole grain with the taste, texture and appearance of white flour. Ultragrain-based products pioneered a whole new category of mainstream made-with-whole-grain foods, and now packaged pastas, meals and kits, soups and frozen entrees can be a part of this powerful growth category.

Ultragrain Pastas have a mild flavor, smooth texture, lighter color and no brown specks - the same benefits of traditional refined flour pasta - in addition to whole grain nutrition and fiber. These advantages are made possible by Ultragrain, a proprietary 100‰ whole wheat flour made from specially selected wheat and milled using a patented process. Today, J.M. Swank is introducing five Ultragrain Pasta varieties: penne, macaroni, rotini and spaghetti, all made with 51‰ Ultragrain, and a 51‰ whole 9-grain orzo made with Ultragrain, Sustagrain®, amaranth, quinoa, teff, sorghum, millet and other whole grains.

Consumers are hungry for better-tasting whole grain pasta options, and taste panels show they prefer whole grain pastas made with Ultragrain. Not only do they prefer the flavor when compared with traditional whole wheat, but research also shows that the Ultragrain name and logo further increase purchase intent. Royalty-free licensing of the new Ultragrain pasta logo is available and can be used on packaging and promotions.

Ultragrain Pasta can be ordered directly though J.M. Swank by calling 866-717-9265 or sending an e-mail to pasta@conagrafoods.com, or through your current distributor. If you are manufacturing pasta and would like to know more about customization or Ultragrain licensing, contact your ConAgra Mills sales representative at 800-851-9618.

Ultragrain Pasta Sell Sheet PDF

Ultragrain Pasta Sell Sheet

The Ultragrain logo and message significantly increased purchase intent for bread (48%) and for pizza (32%) in a consumer test.

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