Sustagrain® — the Ultra-High Fiber Whole Grain
Looking for a novel way to bring whole-grain goodness to your formulations? You can't beat Sustagrain for its appealing flavor and superior health benefits—especially when you consider its soluble beta glucan fiber. With ConAgra Mills' Sustagrain, a proprietary identity-preserved barley variety, you can deliver that whole-grain goodness with a flexibility and functionality you won't find in any other whole grain.

Not Your Average Whole Grain
Sustagrain's macronutrient composition sets it apart. More than 50% of its carbohydrates are present as total dietary fiber, and 40% of those are in the form of cholesterol-lowering beta glucan. That works out to three times the total dietary and soluble fiber of conventional whole oats. And with less than half the starch of most cereals, Sustagrain's glycemic index (GI) ranks among the lowest you'll find in commercially available grains.

Combine these credentials with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's endorsement of a heart-health label claim for barley-containing foods, and it's easy to see why Sustagrain has earned a reputation as a must-have in next-generation functional foods.

Functional in Formulation
Sustagrain's functionality benefits food processors, too. The fine flour and quick flake forms give manufacturers plenty of practical alternatives for formulation. Designed to boost fiber but not bulk, Sustagrain ingredients improve everything from breads, hot cereals, energy bars, and pastas to smoothies and nutraceutical beverages.

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Sustragrain Sell Sheet PDF

Sustagrain Sell Sheet

Whole Grain Barley for Today’s Health and Wellness Needs by Elizabeth Arndt, Ph.D. PDF