Special Applications

special applications

Sometimes you need flour that provides more than just premium performance, whether you're aiming for low microbial counts, low moisture or industry-surpassing uniformity for high-speed production. Our suite of specialty flour products fills the gaps where standard varieties fall short of your formulation needs.

SafeGuard™ Ready-to-Eat Flour

ConAgra Mills SafeGuard Treatment & Delivery System

Food safe flour treated using ConAgra Mills® all-natural, patent-pending SafeGuard Treatment & Delivery System. The only safe-to-consume, functional flour on the market with up to a 5-log validated pathogen reduction that can be customized based on your specific product requirements. Maintains taste, texture and gluten functionality, and is ideally suited for any application where the end user is responsible for the final baking/cooking step, including refrigerated cookie dough, frozen pizzas, cake and brownie mixes, soup mixes, infant formulas, no-bake dough inclusions, and many others.
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NHO Flour

A naturally heat-oxidized blend of hard and soft wheat that is more uniform, stable and has an extended shelf life. Any flour-based system that is normally subject to moisture degradation but in which extended shelf life is desired.

Wheat Bran

The outer layers of wheat that are an excellent source of dietary fiber, antioxidants and other phytonutrients. Beneficial for adding texture, visual appeal and nutritional density in applications including baked goods, hot and RTE cereals, bakery mixes and wheat bran as a standalone product.

Wheat Germ

The nutritionally rich "heart" of wheat with 23 nutrients. With more nutrients per ounce than any vegetable or grain, it is a great way to naturally enhance nutrition. Beneficial for adding texture, visual appeal and nutritional density in applications including baked goods, hot and RTE cereals and wheat germ as a stand-alone product (stand-alone germ may require stabilization for packaging).

Malted/Sprouted Barley Flour

Flour prepared from the grinding and bolting of sprouted barley. Used to adjust enzymatic activity to ensure end-product consistency, typically in bread and roll systems. Also used for flavor variation. LMC Malted Barley Flour also available.

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Ultragrain Pastas: A New Generation of Whole Grain Pasta
Introducing Ultragrain® Pastas from ConAgra Foods' JM Swank Company. Ultragrain Pastas leverage the benefits of Ultragrain whole wheat flour — whole grain nutrition with the taste, texture and appearance of white flour — to deliver delicious pastas with tremendous mainstream appeal.
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