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our_products ConAgra Mills® offers the most comprehensive selection of premium multi-use flours in the industry — from hard and soft spring wheat and pastry flours to durum, rye, organic, gluten-free and custom flour ingredients. We also offer an innovative line of whole grain ingredients to help meet consumer demand for healthful, delicious foods, while decades of experience make us uniquely suited to answering your whole grain questions.

Flour 101

To learn more about the process of turning wheat into flour, please take a look at the following videos:

You can also learn more about "How Wheat Works" by visiting the Wheat Foods Council's website here.

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Ancient Grain Flours: Back to the Future Ancient grains have sustained traditional societies for millennia—and still do in communities across Africa and Latin America.

Ultragrain Pastas: A New Generation of Whole Grain Pasta
Introducing Ultragrain® Pastas from ConAgra Foods' JM Swank Company. Ultragrain Pastas leverage the benefits of Ultragrain whole wheat flour — whole grain nutrition with the taste, texture and appearance of white flour — to deliver delicious pastas with tremendous mainstream appeal.
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